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Project Atlantis (The Open Source Initiative)


What is the story behind the Atlantis Project?
There are a few reasons to call this project Atlantis: First: the capital city of Atlantis was, as the story tells us, a marvel of architecture and engineering, The atlantis project is based on the highest standards in software architecture and engineering.
Second, the main group of team members is composed of a network of lost people that know each other from all the projects that they have been working on in the past. The city was lost but the group of team members will start building a new Atlantis.

The Atlantis Project for application development was founded because of the growing need to quickly develop high quality applications based on a 1, 2 , 3 or multi-tiered system architecture.
The main goal of the Atlantis Project is to create an eXtensible Application Development Framework which will enable any kind of organization to develop high quality applications based on the open source products.
This framework consists of three parts:

  1. eXtensible User Interface Framework (codename Cleito)
  2. API for Presentation, Business, Communication, Data, Fundamentals (Which will be the core of the framework).(Codename Poseidon)
  3. J2EE Component Generation Tool (codename Atlas)

The architecture of xadf

The gain of the project is split in 3 parts:


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